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The Cross – Symbolism & Fashion

Published on 05/10/16

The cross is one of the world’s most iconic symbols if not the most popular. It is regarded by many, especially the Christians, as a symbol of salvation. In earlier cultures it stood for other things – like the value of 10 in Latin and several Chinese dialects.

The fashion world embraced the cross decades ago. Fashion has always loved taking controversial subjects and turning them into style statements, whether for the purpose of gaining attention (there is no bad publicity, after all) or for pure aesthetic reasons.

The cross, or crucifix, is a perfect example of this. Madonna, one of the biggest pop icons of the 20th century, took this to another level in the 1980's with her groundbreaking video for "Like A Prayer", where she shattered conceptions about Christianity, Jesus, the Catholic Church and religion, all while wearing a huge cross on her chest. Mega fashion houses such as Versace and Givenchy have also used the cross in their collections. (By the way, Madonna is still constantly photographed wearing a gold crucifix necklace - check out this month's New York Fashion Week's front row photos of Miss M, her daughter and her cross pendant). 

Fun fact:Christians were not the first to use the cross as a religious symbol. Ancient Egyptians used it in the form called Ankh which is also known as key of life, the key of the Nile or crux ansata.

We at Belletto Jewelry decided to incorporate the cross into our designs, not only because it looks great as a pendant or a pair of earrings (like here or here), but also as a symbol of transcending religions, cultures, borders and time itself. Our cross collection includes several variations of the symbol: A Celtic cross alongside a Jerusalem cross, a simple Christian crucifix alongside the famous Florrie and Lorraine cross.

We consciously present our cross jewelry side-by-side with other cultural and religious symbols such as the Jewish Magen David (Star of David) and Hamsa (open palm symbol), because we love fashion; and because we believe that in fashion, there are no borders, no politics, no religion; there is only - well, love. And lots of style.