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The Magen David (Star of David) – things you didn’t know about this international symbol.

Published on 14/9/16


The Magen David (Star of David) – things you didn’t know about this international symbol.

 The Magen David is one of the complex symbols that has accompanied man since the dawn of humanity. While the cross is formed from two intersecting, perpendicular lines and the Hamsa is easily drawn using the outline of the hand, the Magen David obligates a measure of accuracy and proportion.

 These two overlaid and directly inverted isosceles triangles are called a hexagram in English. This is joined by the 5 pointed star attributed to King Solomon which is a five sided star – the Seal of King Solomon, or a pentagram.

The interpretation of what constitutes a Magen David has many facets, but most describe the link between man and the divine deity in various contexts of spirit, nature, the Land of Israel, etc. The prevailing belief is that the Magen David was used as a symbol emblazoned on the shields of the soldiers of the Kingdom of Judea during the period of the biblical Kings, marking who were the soldiers of King David, differentiating them from the enemy soldiers. A type of ancient and smart friend / foe identification system.

The hexagram is also linked to various eastern cultures and even to Islamic culture. Hexagram shaped symbols were found in many structures alongside the swastika and various symbols from the Far East and from the Indian sub-continent. But these days, it is associated more than anything else with the Jewish religion and with the State of Israel, where it is emblazed in royal blue on the national flag. Despite the fact that some religious sages disparaged the Magen David in the past, due to the people kowtowing to the symbol and not to the idea of a single divine deity, the Jews stuck with the Magen David and decorated synagogues and Jewish and Zionist institutes with the symbol throughout the history of the Jewish People.

The Magen David in the Kabballah is a reminder of the seven lower numerals. Each of the six facets suggests one numeral and the center of the symbol houses the majestic numeral. Today, the Magen David is found in many designer jewelry pieces, in both men’s and women’s jewelry. The Magen David is also incorporated in silver and gold rings and in stud earrings available at the website.