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Jewelry and Make up – the perfect partners for your total look.

Published on 21/12/16


Jewelry and Make up – the perfect partners for your total look.

 The time has come to leave the house. For work, to spend time with the gang or on a hot date.

 And yes, you have to dress properly. Your taste in fashion will be judged within the first 5 seconds – in or out.

 You have invested in clothes and shoes, and now it is time to invest in jewelry.


And this is where many women grind to a halt – not because they don’t like to apply make-up or because they don’t like jewelry (between you, me and the lamp post: Which woman doesn’t like jewelry?), but because, at this point, by and large, is where their expertise in fashion crumbles. Few women have been through a make-up course, or have a well-developed sense of fashion and our knowledge regarding men’s or women’s jewelry is also limited. It looks like that ratio of fashion essays to jewelry essays is a thousand to one.

 What many people do not know is that over and above matching clothes to shoes and to jewelry, you need to pay strict attention to the connection between your make up and the jewelry that you wear. It is sufficient to put on makeup tending to the yellow / red spectrum topped with a silver piece of jewelry enclosing a blue opal to clarify just how important the selection of jewelry is. You see, it is as simple as switching from stud earrings to dangling earrings in order to change and improve your look.

 And this is another reason why the “Belletto Studio” of Hollywood, California set up “Belletto Jewelry”, with the wise understanding that the total look, the completed puzzle, is made up of quality individual parts that complement each other. You will find, at the Belletto jewelry website, which is, in actual fact, a giant online jewelry store, extensive and wide ranging collections of quality 14k (carat) GF gold, together with 925 Sterling silver jewelry collections and gemstone jewelry such as: Opals, rubies, onyx, turquoise, emeralds, pearl, sapphires and many more, as well as jewelry without embedded gemstones and mainly a huge selection of internationally recognized symbols, such as the Hamsa, the Magen David and the crucifix, classic romantic round and square designs alongside modern oriental and western jewelry designed for both men and women. One lap around the website puts you face to face with dozens of options of excellent designer jewelry for your next young, responsible, sassy or classically clean cut look.

 When you choose jewelry at the website and mark your preferences, put your favorite make up close at hand because this a winning combination that cannot be ignored.