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Why should you buy quality earrings?

Published on 30/11/16

Quality Earrings Affect your Quality of Life!

Many times after buying a new pair of earrings, whether stud earrings, shaped earrings, or hoop earrings, the ear lobe begins to itch, the lobe area becomes inflamed, and often infected. Until you figure out the source of the problem (the earring, of course), the piercing hole in the ear lobe closes up and becomes infected and you end up at the doctor's office seeking antibiotic cream.

Belletto Jewelry's experts are here to help you avoid any such suffering by adhering to a simple set of rules to be followed prior to and during your purchase of men’s or women’s gold or silver earrings.

First of all, have your ears pierced at a well known and hygienic store. Check, in the case that the piercing gun needle is multiple use, that the operator cleans it well with a disinfectant (alcohol, for example), and, in general, it would be prudent to choose a place that uses a piercing gun rather than disposable needles.

Secondly, make sure the earring is made of high quality materials - 14 k or more gold and 925 sterling silver. Imitation silver or gold earrings made of nickel can cause a host of infections. We, at Belletto, ensure high quality materials and thick plating of at least 2 microns, in order to avoid unnecessary suffering. After piercing and choosing the type of earrings that you want, make sure not to touch the area with unclean hands, to stay away from water (swimming pools / the ocean), and to disinfect the area several times a day using high quality disinfectant. You should also avoid playing with the earring nor move it around for a period of two weeks.

By buying quality designed earrings from Belletto Jewelry you can enjoy the perfect jewelry you have always wanted and avoid unnecessary discomfort.